Organic 3

about us

Helping others on their wellness journeys with real food and honest, natural supplements.

about us

Helping others on their wellness journeys with real food and honest, natural supplements.

Our story

As leaders of the real food movement, we created our supplement lines after healing our own serious health conditions with the sustenance on our plates. Along the way, we learned that mending the gut can maximize a whole food diet — with the sparkling addition of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals that our ancestors consumed.

So we created two supplement brands centered around real food and fresh, natural ingredients that supply the rich nutrients our bodies need for optimal health.

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Meet our founders

Three friends, one heart.

We come together as Organic 3 to help others on their wellness journeys with real food and honest, natural supplements. Because we’ve been there.

Dan Corrigan | Visionary

Dan founded Organic 3 to help others on their healing journeys, having survived a life-threatening intestinal condition. His decade-long search for answers led him to discover the importance of gut health based on a real food diet with fat-soluble vitamins and clean supplements.* Dan is trained in several dietary protocols and natural health disciplines, such as acupressure, whole nutrition and autism nutrition, Feng Shui and alternative medicine. He’s also a Certified Body Ecology Coach, trained by Donna Gates. Dan began in the real food movement, with leadership positions in organizations dedicated to Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS. He’s lectured about the effects of wholesome food, holistic and gut health — especially on behalf of families who reached out to him to create pure supplements for their children with sensitivities to the ingredients and additives in commercial brands. And he’s the author of Eat Well, Supplement Well, Digest Well.

Karen Myers | Nutrition Education

After a long debilitating journey with Lyme, Karen ended up in the hospital, injured and disabled. Since then, Karen recognized that it was up to her to honor her body and take control of her health naturally.* Her most dramatic and significant healing began when her diet and food sourcing changed from conventional processed foods to organic and pastured foods from local farms. This led Karen to become involved in the real food movement with the Price Pottenger Foundation and several other organizations, where she united with Archie and Dan to create Organic 3. Karen believes that nutrition and sustainable practices can uplift the body and planet. She has 20 years in the holistic health field and is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Archie Welch | Research and Development

Like Karen and Dan, Archie is a leader in the real food movement, starting with his activism in the Price Pottenger Foundation and other groups inspired by Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS. Archie works closely with farmers, fisheries and artisans committed to our ancestors’ ways in his continuous journey to learn about nourishing food, quality supplements and holistic health. And in vetting the ingredients that comprise our products. This has given him a unique perspective and helped shape the Organic 3 values — natural, clean and as close to nature as possible. Archie has also worked with Congressional lawmakers to strengthen raw milk laws. This work supported raw milk’s safety and nourishing properties, and local farmers and economies. It also helped spread the word on the humane treatment of grass-fed cows from small raw milk farms as opposed to dairy cows in factory farms.

The story of our brands

Smidge® Small Batch Supplements

At Smidge®, you’ll find super clean supplements that avoid common allergens and questionable fillers — to support nutrient absorption for vibrant digestion.

We created Smidge® with a different approach: Truly knowing our customer is just as important as knowing the most up-to- date science. So we gathered feedback from parents, people with chronic disease, and those on special diets. And we listened to their desperate calls for help when no one else would.

Our first product was a custom, hypoallergenic probiotic that parents of children on the spectrum were requesting, because there was nothing else on the market that fit their needs. They had to have a specific formula that didn’t cause negative reactions to sensitive digestive systems.

Now we have a collection even the most sensitive of the sensitive can consume. Smidge® supplements may align with protocols like GAPS/SCD, the Root Cause Protocol (RCP), SIBO, Body Ecology, Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), and gluten-free, soy-free or casein-free.* Practioners, biohackers, elite athletes and health-conscious individuals use them as a powerful part of their regimens, too, because of their potency and purity.

As always, we craft our products in small batches with minimal ingredients for the utmost freshness and bioavailability.

Rosita® USA

We brought Rosita® Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil to market. The fresh, wild-caught and raw Cod Liver Oil (and Ratfish Liver Oil) come directly from the Rosita family in Norway, ensuring the freshest product in the world.*

How did our Michigan company help create and launch this truly special product, all the way from the crystal clear, sparkling Norwegian fjords?

We understand that a mainstay in optimal health is cod liver oil, and we wanted to offer a pure, unprocessed oil to complement our custom Sensitive Probiotic from Smidge®.

After extensively researching the history and various production methods, we looked tirelessly for cod liver oil producers who could craft an unadulterated version. But we realized we would have to make the oil ourselves, because the other manufacturers process theirs with high heat that destroys the naturally occurring nutrients and fragile omega fatty acids — and fortify with synthetic vitamins.

Meanwhile, we discovered Rosita Real Foods® in Norway and its uniquely fresh, raw Ratfish Liver Oil. We reached out to the Rosita® family to see if we could collaborate make a cod liver oil supplement akin to their Ratfish Liver Oil. Dan flew out to Norway in 2013 to meet the Rosita® folks and go fishing with them. And and they agreed to make the cod liver oil with the same sustainable Rosita® method and standards as their Viking ancestors: no heat, chemicals, fortification or processing.