Organic 3

Premium, super-clean supplements and raw fish liver oils that punctuate a real-food diet

About organic 3

Our brands offer digestive support and real food or naturally derived supplements. You won’t find common allergens, questionable fillers, synthetics or fortification. Just the most critical nutrients that are lacking in our modern-day diets.

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Smidge Small Batch Supplements®

We craft our supplements with the utmost care, using only the cleanest formulas. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, whole food vitamins and natural minerals.

Rosita® USA

Wild-caught, raw and unprocessed fish liver oils fresh from the crystal-clear waters of Norway. And more real food supplements handcrafted in harmony with nature.

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Picture of Dan Corrigan

Dan Corrigan


“The body is amazing — and its ability to heal given the proper nutrition.”*

Picture of Karen Myers

Karen Myers


“For most, the go-to is multivitamins or a targeted formula. We’re in a third camp of supporting the body and letting it recover in its inherent wisdom — not selling supplements for specific symptoms.”*

Picture of Archie Welch

Archie Welch


“We believe whole-food vitamins from nature best support vibrant health. That’s why we don’t use synthetics in any of our vitamins.”*

The importance of real food vitamins and digestive health in modern nutrition