Pure, hypoallergenic, D-Lactate free probiotics and other formulations for people with sensitive digestive systems

As a natural health practitioner, you rely on probiotics for helping your clients enjoy digestive comfort and health. However, some commercial formulas can bring problems of their own, like D-lactate acidosis, linked to many Lactobacillus strains.

Organic 3’s D-lactate free probiotics and other probiotic formulations are designed for optimum digestive health.* Through years of extensive research, consulting with practitioners and garnering feedback from customers –  especially mothers of children with autism and other health conditions – we’ve carefully identified the best formulations to help people get their guts feeling good.*

All of our formulations are high potency and free of additives and common allergens. They’re also all American Type Culture Collection Certified (ATCC).


GutPro® Powder

This D-lactate free, high potency probiotic powder is designed for ultra sensitive digestive systems. It’s pure – containing only probiotic bacteria and absolutely nothing else.


GutPro® Capsules

Our D-lactate free GutPro™ formula in an easy-to-take capsule.


GutPro® Infant Powder

Featuring B. infantis along with six other D-lactate free strains, this formula was designed specifically for the developing digestive systems of infants. May also be taken by adults and children.


Primal Gut™ Powder

Our same high potency, allergen- and additive-free formulation with a wider spectrum of microbes. Designed for people who can tolerate some D-lactate and are ready for a more complex gut flora supplement.


Primal Soil™ Capsules

Two clinically-proven soil bacteria strains, cultured and tested for identity with DNA testing and proven safe for human use.*


Pure Gusto™ – Powder

This potent combination of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides and the immunomodulatory soluble dietary fiber, beta-glucan, helps beneficially modify intestinal microbiota to promote intestinal health.


Pure Gusto™ – Capsules

Our Pure Gusto® formula in a convenient capsule form.


Yeastbiotic™ Capsules

Contains the hardy, probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii, clinically-proven to help with diarrhea and healthy gut colonization.* Can be taken with antibiotics.


Measuring Spoon Set

Our handy little spoon set  – with dosage tags – allows you and your clients to accurately and easily measure Organic 3 powdered probiotics and minerals. Tailor your dosages to meet individual needs!


Many of our customers tell us they’ve tried several other probiotics – even dozens – and only found the health benefits they were seeking after trying ours.

  • For super sensitive digestive tracts, we’ve created GutPro™ and GutPro™ Infant. Composed of carefully chosen and cultured probiotics, both are formulated to minimize the risk of developing D-lactate acidosis. Neither contain spore-producing microbes.
  • For people who want a larger spectrum of microbes and who can process some D-lactate we offer Primal Gut™, Primal Soil™ and Yeastbiotic™.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.