A comprehensive list of our Organic 3 supplements and our core cod liver oils from Rosita Real Foods. Recommended by natural health practitioners for sensitive digestive systems.



GutPro® Powder

This D-lactate free, high potency probiotic powder is designed for ultra sensitive digestive systems. It’s pure – containing only probiotic bacteria and absolutely nothing else.


GutPro® Capsules

Our D-lactate free GutPro™ formula in an easy-to-take capsule.


GutPro® Infant Powder

Featuring B. infantis along with six other D-lactate free strains, this formula was designed specifically for the developing digestive systems of infants. May also be taken by adults and children.


Primal Gut™ Powder

Our same high potency, allergen- and additive-free formulation with a wider spectrum of microbes. Designed for people who can tolerate some D-lactate and are ready for a more complex gut flora supplement.


Primal Soil™ Capsules

Two clinically-proven soil bacteria strains, cultured and tested for identity with DNA testing and proven safe for human use.*


Pure Gusto™ – Capsules

Our Pure Gusto® formula in a convenient capsule form.


Pure Gusto™ – Powder

This potent combination of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides and the immunomodulatory soluble dietary fiber, beta-glucan, helps beneficially modify intestinal microbiota to promote intestinal health.


Yeastbiotic™ Capsules

Contains the hardy, probiotic yeast, Saccharomyces boulardii, clinically-proven to help with diarrhea and healthy gut colonization.* Can be taken with antibiotics.


Measuring Spoon Set

Our handy little spoon set  – with dosage tags – allows you and your clients to accurately and easily measure Organic 3 powdered probiotics and minerals. Tailor your dosages to meet individual needs!


Digestive Enzymes


Gutzyme® – Full spectrum of digestive enzymes

Same great product as GutZyme® Assist – new name! Provides a full spectrum of digestive enzymes for complete and comfortable digestion of vegetables, carbs, sugars, proteins, fats and dairy. Includes DPP-IV gluten enzymes.


Gutzyme® HCl – Digestive enzymes with HCl

Same great product as GutZyme® Restore – new name! Combines hydrochloric acid (HCl) with a carefully developed mix of digestive enzymes, including lipase for fats and proteases. Also includes DPP-IV gluten enzymes.





Pure Boron™ powder with glycinate that’s bioavailable and easily absorbed. Contains no other ingredients or fillers.


Good Night Maggie™

Easily absorbed and all natural, this unique combination of magnesium glycinate and magnesium oxide is designed to provide a gentle magnesium supplement that eases rest.*


Wake Up Maggie™ – Powder

Start your day off right with this unique combination of magnesium malate, taurinate and orotate, plus the boron, an important co-factor. Pure powder, no additives or fillers.


Wake Up Maggie™ – Capsules

Same effective magnesium blend as the Wake Up Maggie™ pure powder you know and love, in convenient capsules.


Oyster Zinc™

The most potent oyster extract available, with 60 oysters per bottle! Contains 100% pure oyster powder, made from only the extracted meat of the oyster with no shell included.




Beef Liver Capsules

Grass fed, Non-GMO, freeze dried and non-defatted beef liver – which means even more potent, naturally occurring vitamins and nutrients.


Rosita Real Foods


Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil – Liquid

Raw, gently filtered cod liver oil that contains naturally occurring vitamins A and D (in a healthy ratio) as well DHA, EPA and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids.*


Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil – Softgels

Rosita’s premium, artisanal cod liver oil in an easy-to-take softgel. Great for travel and those who don’t like the taste of fresh fish.


Rosita Ratfish Liver Oil

The Vikings’ secret “gold of the ocean,” that contains alkylglycerols.* Has vitamins A and D in a healthy ratio, too.