Helping you achieve optimal health

We are called Organic 3 because our 3 founders understand that the key to good health is a good diet. Just as we believe that organic foods without additives are best, we also believe that supplements without unnecessary additives are best.

Key Features

  • Highest Quality: Only the purest and highest-quality probiotic ingredients are used. All probiotics used in our formulations have been thoroughly researched, documented, and banked in recognized microbial culture collections.
  • Human-Compatible: Only human-compatible species of LactobacillusBifidobacterium and Saccharomyces are used in our formulas.  Both colonizing and transient species with documented benefit are used. We avoid spore-forming species.
  • Hypoallergenic: Our probiotics are guaranteed to be free of common allergens, preservatives, binders, and fillers, including gluten and dairy proteins. Only Kosher-certified vegetarian capsules are used.
  • Manufactured to the Highest Standards: Our probiotic formulations are manufactured and packaged at a state-of- the-art, highest standards GMP-compliant facility, where filtered air systems and a humidity and temperature controlled environment help ensure product stability and purity.
  • Laboratory Analysis: Probiotics are sensitive to handling, transport, and storage. Our rigorous testing program monitors stability throughout all manufacturing stages. All probiotic raw materials for every batch and each finished product undergo independent laboratory analysis for verification of purity and stated potency.
  • Guaranteed Potency: Routine inclusion of higher quantities of microorganisms than stated on our labels coupled with refrigerated storage and cold-packaged shipping ensure that our products, when properly stored and refrigerated, will retain their stated potency for at least one year from the date of manufacture.