Primal Soil™ is a specialty probiotic for people who want the benefits of a soil-based probiotic in a safe form. It may be used to maximize the effects of other probiotics such as Primal Gut™.

Organic 3 Primal Soil™

Two proven strains

There are other soil-based probiotics on the market, but some use strains of bacteria that are unproven, with no clinical testing behind them. Primal Soil contains two strains that have been identified by independent DNA testing to ensure purity.

  • Bacillus Coagulans
  • Bacillas Subtilas

These strains of bacteria:

  • Promote favorable balance of intestinal organisms
  • Produce short-chain fatty acids, which nourishes and strengthens the colon
  • Assist individuals with diarrhea including antibiotic associated diarrhea

Designed for short-term use

Primal Soil is only for short-term use, three months or less.Unlike other bacteria found in the healthy gut, soil-based bacteria is not designed to be a large part of the microflora.

These are not resident bacteria, they are transient, reside up to seven days after consumption. They are not meant to repopulate the normal flora – they are soil bacteria, not human – that’s why they are indicated for short term use.

Do not take if you are critically ill.