Custom probiotic formula designed for the most sensitive individuals.

Primal Gut™

Complete probiotic formula with 13 strains of bacteria that are balanced to minimize side-effects and to maximize health benefits.

Primal Soil™

A potent blend of genetically certified Bacillus coagulans and B. subtilis strains formulated to support a healthy gastrointestinal tract.


Saccharomyces boulardii is non-pathogenic, non-colonizing yeast that has been shown to have probiotic effectiveness in some clinical applications.


GutZyme™ Assist

Digestive enzyme formula designed for people who either already have sufficient HCL levels, consume beans (and other hard to digest vegetables), or need to open the capsule to consume enzymes.

GutZyme™ Restore

Combines a low dose of HCL and Pepsin, digestive enzymes to help people transition from a modern diet to an ancestral diet. Helps digest healthy fats and proteins.



Bororganic™ Glycine powder that is bioavailable and easily absorbed. No other ingredients or fillers are added to this pure powder.

Good Night Maggie™

Easily absorbed and all natural, its unique combination of magnesium glycinate and magnesium oxide is designed to provide you with the most gentle magnesium supplement.


The most potent oyster extract available. Contains 100% pure oyster powder, made from only the extracted meat of the oyster with no shell included.

Wake Up Maggie™

Start your day off right with this unique combination of magnesium malate, taurinate and orotate, plus the boron, an important co-factor. Pure powder, no additives or fillers.

Rosita Real Foods

Extra-Virgin Cod Liver Oil

Fresh, wild and raw. The only unadulterated cod liver oil on the market that captures the full spectrum of fatty acids along with vitamin A and vitamin D.

Ratfish Liver Oil

This wild-crafted raw fish liver oil contains alkylglycerols, vitamins and full spectrum of fats, making it a powerful part of a strategic health protocol.