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GutPro™ Probiotic Reviews

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Have you had success with GutPro™ custom probiotic, GutZyme™ or Yeastbioic™ supplements? Please share your positive experience and why you chose our nutritional supplements. Send an email to:


“As a practitioner I have tried many probiotic supplements with my clients over the years but was always concerned about additives and fillers as well as the streptococcus and acidophilus strains which never seemed to agree with my more sensitive ASD/GAPS clients. So imagine my delight when I first came across GutPro™ made by Organic 3 and my wish had come true – clean, pure, d-lactate free, no unnecessary strains, no fillers and a concentrated formula which can be used by the whole family and is the most cost effective probiotic I’ve been able to find. Many happy clients later I can highly recommend it!

Kitsa YanniotisKitsa Yanniotis – Sydney, Australia
Certified GAPS Practitioner
Certified Body Ecologist
Creator Kitsa’s Kitchen





“We use GutPro™ as our multi-strain probiotic of choice for the majority of our clients. With extensive clinical evidence we’ve found it to be gentle upon entry for building the beneficial flora in the gut as well as conducive to therapeutic titration.

Bottom line is it works! Even for those with the most sensitive or compromised systems.

And personally, it’s my favorite probiotic to support both my own and my family’s health.

Andrea NakayamaAndrea Nakayama
Functional Nutritionist
Replenish PDX





GutPro™ is changing the lives of each and every one of my clients daily. Not all probiotics are the same, quality really matters here. I have researched and used almost every available probiotic with little to no progressive results, until I discovered GutPro™. Taking even one antibiotic can greatly shrink your healthy, beneficial immune system fighting bacteria and give the pathogenic bacteria a chance to proliferate and create a whole host of imbalances. Since using GutPro™ I am seeing cases where deep cellular viral, bacterial, allergies, sensitivities, mood and behavior concerns greatly improving and in many cases, resulting in full correction of the imbalance.

As a Naturopath, I use GutPro™ myself and have seen amazing health improvements. I would not have the thriving wellness practice I have today without using GutPro™ to help facilitate my clients in their healing, rebuilding and repairing process. Thank you Organic 3 for creating such a clean, bio available essential healing tool!”

Melissa MalinowskiMelissa Malinowski, Naturopath, Nutritional Consultant






Individual Customers

GutPro™ has been a pivotal part of my daughter’s healing.  When we transitioned her onto the GAPS diet at 18 months old, we not only needed a probiotic that was GAPS legal, but one that would work for her chronically ill and extremely sensitive immune system.  With severe allergies to corn, dairy, soy and wheat, she needed a probiotic that was free of even the smallest trace amounts. She also required a gentle probiotic that would begin to balance her body bacteria, without containing some of the more aggressive strains that were just too hard on her body.  It took perseverance and time, but GutPro™ was our answer.  Later on we also used Yeastbiotic for additional treatment against yeast.  When asked, GUTPro™ is now my go-to recommendation to get any child started on a quality, multiple strain probiotic, especially those with super sensitive immune system disease. ”

Nichole Sawatzky



“I have a testimonial for you – as soon as I started giving GutPro™ to my son, the same week, the teachers reported amazing improvement in school behavior, calmness, stopped running out of class and focus.”




“At 2.5 weeks old, I started my newborn on a pencil point of GutPro™, choosing it because of the lack of soil bacteria and gentle effectiveness. Within 48h of starting, his face was covered in baby acne and his head, with cradle cap. I was surprised, since I’d been on the GAPS diet well before my pregnancy and while pregnant.

He had large volumes of bright green stool for a couple days. In order not to overload his body, I decided to slowly increase the amount he takes every 4w. He is now 5 mos old and takes about 1/4 of the “Drop” spoon [approximately 1/256 tsp]. With each increase, there is a slight change in stool color and volume, but it levels out quickly.

It has been pivotal in helping when he’s reacted to foods through my breast milk and almost instantly stops the reflux. Aside from the beginning skin issues, he has never had anymore visible signs of yeast.

I’m quite pleased with how well it’s worked for him.”

-Alcola Twigg


Have you had success with GUTPro™, GUTZyme™ and/or Yeastbioic™? Please share your positive experience and why you chose our supplements. Send an email to: